Lincolnshire Realtor discusses Lincolnshire Real Estate Options

Lincolnshire Realtor Judy Greenberg discusses Lincolnshire real estate options.

Lincolnshire Realtor  Judy Greenberg  provides Lincolnshire Real Estate Options

As a top  Lincolnshire real estate agent,  I help many people find real estate  in  Lincolnshire.   Many of my clients choose real estate in  Lincolnshire Illinois because of Lincolnshire's award winning schools, tall trees, large lots, and a very convenient location on the western edge of Chicago's North Shore suburbs  

If you are planning to move to Lincolnshire Illinois, I hope this Lincolnshire guide will help provide insight into this unbelievable village and the real estate available at the present time.  If I haven't answered your question, ,please feel free to call or email me to discuss your Lincolnshire Real Estate options

Lincolnshire  Illinois is located in South East Lake County approximately 34 miles from Downtown, emcompassing almost  4.58 acres.  Lincolnshire shares a border with the villages of Vernon Hills to the northwest, Buffalo Grove to the southwest, Bannockburn to the east, and Riverwoods to the southeast. The city of Lake Forest is located to the northeast of the village, while the unincorporated community of Prairie View borders the village directly to the west.

Lincolnshire is  is highly accessible and strategically located whether you need access to I-94 (Tri-State Tollway). or a reliable commuter line to Downtown Chicago.

Lincolnshire  is home to a number of office and business parks, including the Lincolnshire Corporate Center, Lincolnshire Business Center, Tri-State Office Park, and Millbrook Office Park.  Major Employers in Lincolnshire include Hewitt Associates, HydraForce, Klein Tools, and Marriott's Lincolnshire Resort.Lincolnshire Illinois

In the last few years, Lincolnshire's shopping and dining has grown by leaps and bounds.

Elementary students of Lincolnshire attend the Lincolnshire-Prairie View School in District #103.
 The district is accustomed to placing near the top of all state public schools on the IGAP tests.

Students in grades K to 2 attend Sprague Elementary School. Children in grades 3 and 4 attend Half Day School, and Students in grades 5 to 8 attend Daniel Wright Middle School. All three schools have won the coveted National Award for Excellence in Education. Sprague school has won it twice!

High School students attend  Award Winning Adlai E. Stevenson High School, on Lincolnshire's west side. Stevenson High School is the only public high school in the state to have earned four blue Ribbon Awards for Excellence from the United States Department of Education.

Lincolnshire Illinois boast 9 parks, which include tennis courts, play areas, volley ball courts,  and nature preserves.

Here are some Lincolnshire Subdiviisons.  Take a peek.   

Beaconsfield - Located in Lincolnshire on Route 22, West of Milwaukee Avenue

Heritage Creek - Located in Lincolnshire on Milwaukee Avenue, North of Route 22. 

Indian Creek - Located in Lincolnshire on Trafalgar, East of Milwaukee Avenue. 

Lakes of Lincolnshire - Located in Lincolnshire on Rivershire Lane, East of Route 45.  

Lincolnshire Square - Located in Lincolnshire on Route 22 between Riverwoods Road & I-94.


Lincolnshire Woods -Located in Lincolnshire on Riverwoods Road, North of Route 22.

Manchester Woods - Located in Lincolnshire on Fairfax Lane & Riverwoods Road.  

Meadows of Birch Lake- located off of Riverwoods road, North of Route 22

Rivershire - Located in Lincolnshire on Milwaukee Avenue, South of Route 22.

Sherwood Forest - Located in Lincolnshire on Route 22, E of Riverwoods Road.


Sutton Place - Located in Lincolnshire on Route 22, West of I-94

The Meadows - Located in Lincolnshire on Route 45, West of Route 21. 

Village Green - Located in Lincolnshire on Route 22, West of 294. 

Whytegate - Located in Lincolnshire on Riverwoods Road, North of Route 22.  

Wood Creek Courts - Located in Lincolnshire on Route 22, West of 294. 

Woodgate - Located in Lincolnshire on Middlebury Lane & Bedford Court. 


I hope this page Lincolnshire Real Estate Guide is going to help you in your relocation decision!

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