Chicago Northwest Realtor can help with the relocation process

As  a Realtor in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs,  I can lead you in the right direction when it comes to  finding your dream home.  

Q.  What do the Chicago Northwest Suburbs offer their residents?

A. The Chicago Northwest Suburbs offer a myriad of things to do, places to go, and a great variety of housing. Residents of the Chicago Northwest Suburbs are fortunate to combine the convenience of suburban comforts, stellar schools, and the benefits of convenient access to the City of Chicago.  Last year Niles, one of the Chicago Northwest Suburbs was voted by Business week as the best suburb to raise their kids.  Families have access to ball fields, hiking trails, skating rinks, indoor swimming pools, and recreational centers,

Q.   Can you provide me  the commuting information from the Chicago Northwest Suburbs  to the City of Chicago.

A. METRA- Train Service for the Chicago Northwest Suburbs and surrounding communities includes routes, schedules fares, etc.
IDOT- The Illinois Department of Transportation provides traffic and road construction information
Pace Bus – Chicago Northwest area bus service includes routes, schedules fares, etc.

Q.  Can you provide me specific information regarding the schools in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs?

A. Yes!  The schools in the Chicago Northwest suburbs are generally rated excellent. As a parent of 3 teenage boys, I understand the pressure that sometimes comes about by trying to find just the right schools. To help you evaluate and locate schools, I have provided a set of general links which will help you find school report cards, demographics and statistics

Illinois State Board of Education School Report Cards-Illinois has mandatory report cards which help you evaluate and compare schools based on test scores and numerous other variables.

National/Local School Demographics and Statistics- Excellent site for school statistics that can be used to look at schools both locally and nationally.

Q.  I like to golf..  Can the Chicago Northwest Suburbs provide me with a variety of excellent golf courses?

A.  The Chicago Northwest Suburbs have some of the most excellent golf courses in the United States,   I have provided a list of  golf courses in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs .

Q. I am moving with a pet- can you provide me a list of Vets and Dog groomers in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs?

A.  No problem, I know how challenging it is to move anywhere with a pet, so I have researched certain Vets and dog groomers in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs.    I can’t vouch for all these places, but my friends can!  They helped me compile the list!

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