Relocation Tips

Moving from Chicago to Suburbia?

Are you considering from Chicago to Suburbia?

First you must consider your own needs and values.  Would you like your children to be exposed daily to the city's wonderful culture experiences, or would you like them to grow up with a big yard to play baseball and Capture the Flag. Do you want  to walk to work, have a short drive, relax on the train  or spend an hour each way driving to and from work?  Does your budget afford you private school costs in the city, or do you want to move to a suburb that has the best schools in the state?  Are your children grown and the school system isn't your first priority?  All of these questions, are important in your decision as to whether you choose Suburbia or  Chicago City Living.

Twenty years ago, my husband and I waffled over the decision to move from Chicago  to the suburbs. However when it became very difficult for me to drag the laundry from the building's...